About Us


White Cross is more than just a Vitamin Company.  We are a Health and Wellness company.  Our highly trained staff is  always solicitous toward every customer.   The owner of White Cross has reinforced his founding 3 step philosophy.

  1. Quality   We make products to improve the quality of lives of the individuals and families who rely on them. We value the trust that is extended to us each and every time one of our products is brought into the lives of our consumers.
  2. Integrity   Integrity drives each and every decision we make, as it has since our foundation.  At White Cross, Integrity means doing the right things for the right reasons – no matter what
  3. Service  Service is at the heart of our business. We provide more than supplements to our customers,  we provide coaching.   Whether its weight-loss, memory loss, detoxification, immune boosters  or pain management we strive to provide premium solutions that are above and beyond their stated needs.  Our micro and analytical labs allow us to perform comprehensive tests on all products. White Cross will always have the the Cutting Edge Products.

Our entire line of products and all of our equipment meet the highest standards, and we’re a cGMP-certified, FDA-registered facility. The founders of White Cross  have extensive experience in the health and wellness products more than 50 years.

 When your product has the WHITE CROSS on it you know it has to be the BEST!



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